Christ Vibgyor

  • In Christ,

    Love Conquers All

    Captures the profound truth that when we align ourselves with the teachings and example of Jesus Christ, love becomes the driving force in our lives, enabling us to overcome any obstacle. This powerful tagline speaks to the transformative power of Christ's love, which knows no boundaries and transcends differences.

  • Christ's Love

    Unites Us All.

    encapsulates the profound truth that the love of Jesus Christ has the power to bring people together, transcending boundaries of culture, race, and background. This tagline speaks to the unifying force of Christ's love and its ability to dissolve division, foster understanding, and create a sense of belonging among all people.

  • Walking with Christ

    Guided by Faith

    encapsulates the transformative journey of a believer who embraces a life in alignment with the teachings of Jesus Christ. This tagline emphasizes the importance of an ongoing relationship with Christ and the reliance on faith as a guiding principle in navigating life's challenges.

Live out your life.

Transform the little ones to Jesus.

To mold children into the peacemakers envisioned by St. Francis by providing them with training for physical, mental, intellectual and spiritual growth so that they can overcome the challenges of the times and be formed into Christ forever.

To the Holistic
Development of Children


Formation through information, Transformation through Holy Trinity.

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